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Bad Golf: Community Edition

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A quick update on some stuff that happened last month.

bobsayshilol is no longer in a position to host the custom matchmaking servers we were using for the game. He's submitted some changes (which I've merged) that revert it back to using the old one, but there's still a bug in place that's preventing it from working at the moment (otherwise I'd have done new builds of the game).

Fingers crossed that we'll find a way to work through it soon. If anybody wants to jump in and have a go, feel free. I'm always happy to review and merge pull requests.

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Another small update!

@invadererik has kindly put some work into updating Bad Golf to build and run happily with the current version of Unity (5.6). This is likely to be of benefit to anybody who might get excited about doing Bad Golf stuff across Amnesia Fortnight this year :)

If there ends up being any activity, I'll make a new thread in the 2017 Community AF subforum, otherwise, discussion can happen here.

Edit: Looks like I'm the only one who can post here. PM me if you're interested in doing Bad Golf stuff this year, and I'll get stuff sorted.

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