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DF Game Club: Broken Age, Act 1 (plus live interview with Tim Schafer :D )

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We're live right now, and Oliver's in chat with us!

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Another great session! Thanks to everybody who showed up and to Oliver and Camden for joining us!

The stream archive and chat log are up, and next week, we'll be making a start on The Book of Unwritten Tales.

In the meantime though, what did everybody think of Broken Age? Here are some of my thoughts:

Story: 9 (The world feels rich, if a little unexplored on Vella's side - although it makes sense that in her rush to confront Mog Chothra, she wouldn't be paying a lot of attention. I'm going to go with 8 for now, though I suspect that as Act 2 wraps up, the game as a whole will resonate better)

Usability: 9 (Pretty solid single verb point and click interface. The zero G sequence feels a little awkward, but other than that it's solid fare)

Gameplay: 8 (A little on the easy side so far as puzzles go, though this seems to make sense form a plot perspective)

Assets: 10 (graphics are amazing, voice acting is fantastic, score is brilliant, audio design is awesome. Can't be much closer to perfect)

Impact: 10 (It's very difficult for me to separate my feelings about Broken Age from my feelings about the DFA as a whole. It feels like we've been a part of something important, and the game itself is as gratifying to play through as something with a cliffhanger ending can be. There are also lots of nice little bits and pieces to discover on future playthroughs, which is always a great touch and helps so much with adventure games' replayability)

Overall: 46

Completed: Yes

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If part 2 is anything like part 1, I'd definitely say that I'm getting what I backed, which is a nice 2d adventure game.

The good thing about the puzzles was that they really made a lot of sense when you solved them. But on the other hand, I didn't get a sense of accomplishment from doing so. Having both is probably the Holy Grail of puzzle games I guess.

The locations, characters and dialogue were lovely. The very mellow tone of it all was for me both its strength and its weakness. It gave a very warm and woolly feel to the world, but I was hoping for some thorns underneath the roses. Ultimately that did come (without spoiling the plot), so I would love part two to be the thorns beneath part one's roses.

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