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Amazon Fire TV Local Co-Op?

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Hi all-- I recently purchased and downloaded The Cave for Android from Amazon on my new Amazon Fire TV, with the goal of being able to play local co-op. Unfortunately, the game freezes when it receives simultaneous input from my two Fire TV game controllers. (Single player seems to work fine, although I've been reluctant to proceed too far into the game to avoid spoiling it).

Based on these observations, I've come to the conclusion that co-op play isn't supported in this version of the game (I assume because it's the Android version and most Android devices are by default single-player devices?) At any rate, I'm slightly put off since I know that the console and PC versions of The Cave do support (and actively advertise) co-op play, and the specs on Amazon did not seem to indicate that this version of the game was any different from the console or PC versions.

So my questions are:

1.) Am I correct in concluding that this version of the game does NOT support cooperative local multiplayer? Or am I just missing something completely obvious?

2.) Is there any plan to update this version of the game to support co-op on the Amazon Fire TV in the near future? If not, I'll need to figure out if Amazon will let me swap this version for the PC version...

Thanks, and my apologies if this issue has already been addressed elsewhere on the forum--I think I did a pretty thorough search before posting and didn't come up with any similar topics on the Fire TV or other set top boxes.

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