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Hey Tim! Thanks for being a massive legend all over the video game fans that adore Grim Fandango et al!

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>Ask Tim for the pen

Tim changes his outfit into a plaid shirt and jeans, and then reaches down with his mouth to his

shirt’s top pocket, and pulls out the broken pen marked "PC" with his teeth. He spits it at you, 

and it lands nearby.

You drop the shotgun and grab the pen with your good arm.

Evil Al Borland finally reaches you. He picks you up by your broken shin and throws you back

against the other wall.

Your left arm breaks as you hit the wall. You lose grasp of the pen, but it lands in Al’s blood, 

followed by your face. You lay on the ground, face in the blood, with the pen next to your head.

The pain is unbearable, this is nearly the end.

> _

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You pick up the pen and use Al’s blue blood to start drawing an abyss for him to fall into, 

but it’s no good. Without the use of your arms and legs, you can barely move.

Your face falls flat into the blood, defeated.

Al has limped over to you now and, standing in his own inky blood, bends down to whisper into

your ear. He voice is soft, and full of menace. 

"Don’t you see, PC, there’s just no way you’re going to win this. Ever." He sneers, "This is MY 

game now. Thanks to you. Do you know that? Pushing me into that abyss after making me swallow 

all that magical ink. I became one with the game world. And now I must purge it of everything 

unclean. Everything that’s not me."

"He’s completely mad", says Tim.

"Yeah, he’s become half-merged with the code. He thinks he’s defending himself by attacking 

anything that isn’t the game world, including the PC." Replies Jennifer.

Tim looks at her.

"OK, so maybe I got a bit fed up being PC-fodder, and sure, I tried to manipulate you into 

leading an NPC revolt, but I was never THIS bad", responds Jennifer, "Right?".

"Ah, heck. All is forgiven in my book", chirps Tim.

You can’t quite decide if you forgive Jennifer, but you do wish this would hurry up and end, one

way or another. You miss being able to use your arms, and the pain is quite bad.

"Now", says Al, "let’s watch this magnificent bastard fly!"

Not again, you think to yourself.

He picks you up by our tuxedo and holds you above his head. At that moment you sense a 

familiar furry stirring in your groin area. Before you know what’s going on, your old friend, the

rat has shot down your leg, down Al’s body, and has the pen in its mouth. It quickly drags the

pen in a circle of blue ink around Al.

"What’s this?", cries Al.

The moment the circle is complete Al drops through the floor, with you still over his head.

"NOOOOOOOO!" screams Al as falls.

You land on your back with a thud on the floor, lying over the hole, but something is wrong. 

In additional to the myriad pains around your body, there’s a new one in your belly. You realise 

that Al is hanging by your cummerbund, beneath you, threatening to pull you into the hole, too.

"Great job, Howard!", exclaims Jennifer, as the rat runs up her body onto her shoulder, "where

did you come from anyway?"

"Amazing!", says Tim, "I did not see that coming!" He looks around. "Do you think Howard could

nibble through these ropes?"

Howard leaps to life, starting with Jennifer’s ropes.

"Excuse me!", you try to say, but you’re pretty broken right now, and it comes out as, "blrb".

Tim continues, not really hearing you, "I thought that was a female rat"

"It is", responds Jennifer.

"Ok", says Tim.

You decide just to scream to get their attention.

"Ok, PC. We’re coming, we’re coming. Just give us a moment", says Tim.

"AL!" you manage.

"What about Al?", asks Jennifer.

"I think he said, ’ow’", says Tim, who turns to you. "Did you say, ’Al’ or ’ow’?"

"AL!", you yell in reply, nearly out of energy.

"That was definitely ’Al’", says Jennifer.

"Oh jeez, what now?", asks Tim. "Isn’t throwing him into another abyss supposed to cancel himself out

or something?"

"I would have thought so", says Jennifer, "he should be just absorbed by the game code this time."

"I guess he’s not quite gone or something.", Tim turns to you again. "Look, it’s going to take a while 

before we’re free, what can we do to help?"

You can feel Al getting angrier beneath you. It won’t be long until he finds a way to climb past you...

or pull you down into eternity with him. You do your best to keep your back straight against his tugging.

> _

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This might create some kind of paradox, but it's worth a shot:

> reset tuxedo achievement

EDIT: I meant ask Jennifer to do that. Didn't she set up that whole thing as a way to identify the player character? Maybe she still has a way to put us back in our old rags.

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You do your best to ask Jennifer to reset your tuxedo achievement in the hope it will make your tuxedo 

disappear, but she only replies...

"I’m sorry PC, I don’t have any control over that sort of thing. I knew about the existence of the tuxedo

achievement, but I didn’t create it". She turns to Tim, "Can you help?"

Tim responds, "Nope. Of all the things I have access to here, achievements isn’t one of them. Sorry.

I don’t think we ever wrote any code to undo them. Thinking about it, why would we?"

Al is tugging harder beneath you. He somehow feels angrier. You hope you think of a solution soon.

> _

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"Howard... cummerbund!", you cry out.

Howard leaps down and onto your stomach. He starts the slow process of chewing through your tuxedo

cummerbund. Unfortunately it appears it’s going to take around the same amount of time as it would to

chew through the ropes... Too long!

Al has started punching you in the kidneys. This is definitely a bad day, you reflect. You do your best to 

remain rigid through the thumps.

Tim changes his clothing again. Now he’s wearing a barbarian costume.

"Sorry, I know it's revealing, but I was getting a bit hot", he says.

> _

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Hmm. Is the game hinting at something Tim could change into to get out of the ropes? Does Al still have our pants with our old inventory?

> ask Howard to lick coupon in Al's pants

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You ask Howard to try and lick the coupon you lost when Al took your pants, but Tim reminds you

that Al was wearing the bartender’s clothing when he appeared in the bedroom.

"Balls", you spit in frustration. And then, "I wasn’t talking to you, Howard, get back to the cummerbund."

Tim changes his clothes again. This time he’s wearing a Slanket.

"Hey, don’t judge til you’ve tried one. These things are super comfortable", he says. He turns to Jennifer, "Want to try one?"

She politely declines.

Al’s punches are getting stronger.

> _

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"Steady on there, PC. We barely know each other", says Tim.

Jennifer figures out what’s going on. "Just change his costume to anything!", she screams.

"Ok, ok. Relax everybody", replies Tim. "How about a nice tasteful Slanket?"

You’re suddenly wearing a hideous Slanket (The Blanket with Sleeves™), and wish it could have been

anything else. You soon get your wish, however, as Al’s weight rips the cheaply made blanket off your 

skin, leaving you completely nude, and Al tumbling into the abyss.

Tim and Jennifer let out groans at the sight of your naked body, and Tim soon replaces it with beige

slacks, a black t-shirt, and white sneakers. Tasteful, if a little early 90s French, you think. Then you

suddenly have a major realization:

It’s over.

You lie on the floor, finally allowing yourself to relax, but soon passing out from the pain.

When you come to, Tim is leaning over you, lifting you off the floor.

He carries your broken body outside to the balcony. It’s just after dawn, the sun is out and the air is crisp. 

Your body still hurts all over. You notice that there’s a big red dragon sitting on the balcony. You didn’t 

know there were dragons in this game world, you think to yourself. It gives a little hiss when it sees you 

and you notice that Jennifer is already sat on its back. Still carrying you, Tim straddles the dragon, too. 

Safe in Tim’s arms, you let yourself believe that maybe things might be OK after all. Maybe Tim is taking 

you somewhere where you’ll be fully healed, you ponder.

Before you can ask, the dragon spreads its wings, leans forward, and effortlessly takes off into the clear 

blue sky.

"Gee, I hope this ending hasn’t been done before", says Tim, as you drift into the distance.

Big black letters appear emblazoned across the blue sky. They read: "THE END".


You earned 5 points out of a possible 1000.

Thank you for playing.


> _ 

That was fun! Thanks for playing, everyone. Hope you enjoyed it!

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Thanks, loved the twitch stream for this, after the initial participation I loved spectating!

Can't wait for the sequel!

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Oh man, that ending reference. I teared up.

We got 5 points and made it to the end. Now we are cosmic friends forever... OK?

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By the way, after nearly 10 years Ive got brütal legend looking (and sounding) amazing, now I finally have a PC setup worthy of it. Just got to Lemmy. RIP.

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