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Hey Tim! Thanks for being a massive legend all over the video game fans that adore Grim Fandango et al!

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You dramatically spin around, aim the pistol at the flying sunhat, and pull the trigger.

You're damned sure that, in your new tuxedo, you look very cool indeed. Unfortunately,

with the game having finished, the only thing to come out the end of the gun is the saddest

"pffft" sound. You feel a little silly, and everyone looks at a little embarrassed for you.

Finally one of the guards walks behind you and knocks you unconscious. You're not quite

sure if it was part of a sinister plot, or just an attempt to end the awkward moment.

When you come to, it's pitch black. You can hear a faint, but familiar, whimpering.

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"So glad it’s you I’m sharing this cell with, old buddy!", says Al. "And I have to say, that was a great idea to 

give me your stuff before your old clothes were taken from you when you got the tux. Entrust your vital 

items with me in order to make sure that nobody else gets their hands on them. Brilliant!"

Even though it’s pitch black, you can sense Al is shifting uncomfortably.

"But", he begins, "unfortunately I lost your pants after I ran off. Don’t ask me how. I got over excited. It’s all 

a bit of a blur, if I’m honest. So I’m pantless again, and I lost most of your stuff in the process. Sorry."

He perks up to add, "I did keep hold of this, though!", and hands you what feels like the pen with "PC" written 

down the side. "And this!", he hands you the bit of fluff that you never could seem to get rid of.

You sigh and say, "Thanks, Al".

Al gives you a big hug, "No problem, buddy!".

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There could be hope now, depending on Budget vs Sales expectations now. For Day of The Tentacle sequel or even another Monkey Island, if they can get Ron Back to world on it as well obviously.

Its a shame that we will probably never get another adventure game made by all 3 gods. Tim schaefer, Ron Gilbert and not least Dave Grossman. That was just the perfect mix. they all contributed something important.

It kinda shows like what happened at ID Software when one person of a smaller team left, something is lost. Like after John Romero left, gameplay and leve design were never really the same again. DooM being a huge failure imo.

The dig is another game that deserves to be brought to a new generation, that was one amazing yet mature game. it could even use some more content as well. as it was a wee bit on the short side i seem to recall. Same with Full Throttle.

I wouldn mind even seeing Double Fines take / spin on a Sam and Max adventure, doesnt seem like Telltale plans on doing anything with that. God Sam & Max Hit The Road was an awesome game. freaking Conroy Bompus rofl..

But back again to Grim Fandango, there better be a speciel edition whatever you wanna call it, i would like some behind the scenes footage, stuff from remastering grim fandango, i love to watch that stuff.

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Apologies for the length of this one. I'm not turning into George RR Martin, I just had an awful lot to explain...


You check your inventory.

A pen

Some fluff


An impossible to catch rat


The cell smells dank.


You start feeling around, but Al still hasn’t let go from his hug. You’re about to ask him to 

release you, when a door suddenly door opens and fills the room with blinding light.

It’s the senior guard again. "Jesus, it’s pitch black in here!" She sees you hugging Pantless 

Al Borland. She rolls her eyes. "You can get back to your weird cyber stuff after I’m gone." She 

walks over to the cell’s window and opens the heavy wooden shutters. The room is fully 

illuminated. You see two guards standing by the door.

You look around the cell. It has one straw bed, a stool, and a slop bucket. Outside the window

you see only sky. You imagine you’re quite high up.

The senior guard stands over the pair of you. "Welcome to your new home here in Castle

Schafer, residence of King Schafer, the Emancipator, new Lord of this Game.", she says. 

"It’s nice to finally meet you. I suppose you must have some questions, so allow me, if you

will, to fill you in."

You think she sounds far too pleased with herself, and it makes you feel a little worried 

about what’s coming next.

"We sent out that party invite to every character in the world, looking for ’the one’. Although

other characters might try and complete the mission, we knew only one would be actually

able to complete the tasks we set. The question was, when would you reveal yourself?"

"We heard rumours that someone had unlocked the Al Borland DLC. We haven’t been 

able to unlock that particular piece of DLC ourselves... yet. So we hoped it had been unlocked

by the one we seeked..."

"Of course, hope is one thing, but we still needed to find you, and then make sure you

weren’t just a clever NPC we hadn’t recruited yet. "

"As luck would have it, you wandered right into one of King Schafer’s rallies and got yourself

locked up. Great work there, I must say."

You’re really beginning to dislike her.

"Unfortunately you managed to escape before I got there, but not before I got one of my 

spies to you."

The rat runs out your tuxedo trouser leg, up the body of the senior guard, and sits on her 

shoulder, where it begins squeaking in a gleefully and sinister way. Quite a feat for a rat.

"She made sure you stayed on the right track," she says as she pats the rat. "Good girl."

"Only one character can unlock the tuxedo suit achievement. Someone with higher access

than an ordinary Non-Player Character like myself." She leans in close. "Nice to finally 

meet you, "Enter Your Character’s Name Here". Or should I say,  Player Character!"

Al faints at this revelation. The senior guard leans back up again.

"I’m sorry there isn’t actually any celebrations to attend. We simply can’t let you free. The

Player Character in any world is a malevolent presence. Not only do they invariably cause 

destruction wherever they go, they also get all the fame and glory, take all the riches, land,

suitors, and invariably get lots of other NPCs killed. And when it’s all said and done, they 

wipe the world and start over again."

"We’re not going back to that!"

"Thanks to King Schafer, we’ve managed to hack our code and gain access to all the 

privileges usually reserved for Player Characters. Silly hats and custom interior decoration

are no longer your sole domain!"

She really is quite scary, you think to yourself.

"There’ll be no ’Game over’ this time! We intend to live like this forever. So here is where you

will stay... forever. Since you’re obviously so close, you can keep the Al Borland NPC for 


She does a weird salute. "Hail King Schafer!".

"Oh, and before I go. This came for you." She hands you a LETTER.

She turns and leaves. You hear a loud clank as the door is locked.

Al leans up, blinking. He looks at you, and faints again.

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Just to get our bearings a little...


>smell cell

>feel cell

[edit]Seemed to have some game lag, hope it's fixed in the next patch[/edit]

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It’s the effusive letter you wrote while standing outside your house, along with a small response which simply reads:


You sit on the bed with the letter in your hand, listening to the sound of Al’s heavy breathing.

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The windows is already as open as it’s ever going to get. You look out of it and see endless hills and blue skies going 

off into the distance. You’re very high up, and as you look down you notice something strange. There doesn’t appear 

to be any ground. It looks like you’re somehow staring through the ground... into the background. You realise that 

King Schafer must have built his castle on the very edge of the game map. Even if you somehow found a way to 

climb down the sheer castle wall, there literally nowhere to go.


You lick the letter. You’ve had good fortune in the past with this tactic. Unfortunately this time all you get is a 

piece of paper with a blue smudge on it, and the taste of ink in your mouth.


There only person in the cell with you is Al, who is passed out. His beard feels rough on your tongue. You make it all 

the way up to his forehead before he begins to begins to stir. He soon wakes up and looks a bit awkward. As he sits 

up you see that you’ve left a long blue streak across his face.


You remember that that was the name of the valet company on the coupon that you no longer have.

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You begin searching the cell for anything at all of interest. Al starts talking.

"You know, it doesn’t seem right to me. I understand that you’re the Player Character, and so

all the NPCs are here to support your adventure, but... what’s so wrong with that?"

While looking underneath the bed, you see a rat scurry off into a hole, and wonder if it’s another 

one of the senior guard’s spies.

Al continues, "It’s like when I was on Tool Time with Tim ’The Toolman’ Taylor. I was there to 

support him and try and make him look good -- although it was fun when he made himself look

like an ass." He chuckles to himself. "But I don’t see what’s so bad about that. I liked helping 

him be the star. I was good at it."

While you’re searching under the bed, Al puts his hand on your shoulder. You stop and look up.

"I guess what I’m saying is; Even though I’m an NPC, I will support you in achieving your 

goals. I think that’s my job, and I’m OK with that."

Listening to Al, you start to feel bad about licking him while he was passed out. And also that

time you persuaded him to jump on the rickety trap door. And that time you asked for his

autograph while he was in shock. Maybe Player Characters are a malevolent force after all, 

you reflect.

You finish searching the cell, but come up empty-handed. 

Al stands up. "Come on, PC. I know you can get us out of here somehow!"

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Hmmm, was the "PC" on the pen simply foreshadowing, or is it a clue to our way out?

>look at door

>search straw bed

>get stool

>search slop bucket

>use pen on letter

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It looks even heavier and more impenetrable than the last dungeon’s door.


You find nothing in the straw, but while searching the feather stuffed pillow you come across a pair of

fake plastic angel wings, that were presumably part of some DLC costume. They’re clearly decorative

with no flight ability whatsoever.


Try as you might, you can’t find a way to stuff a stool down your pants. Cursed modern "realistic"



Luckily there’s nothing to search. The bucket is completely empty.


Try as you might, you can’t make any marks on the paper. Apparently it doesn’t have any ink.

You wonder to yourself; Is the ’PC’ written on the pen simply foreshadowing, or a clue that the pen has

some special Player Character ability?

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Hmmm, what PC abilities could it have?

>draw open door with pen

If this doesn't work we should just use the pen on every damn thing!

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Your try to draw your best door on the castle wall, but nothing seems to be happening.

Al pipes up, "Maybe that pen needs some ink?"

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Maybe I should try some text adventure after all. This is fun ;). But I think I'll first learn some more out-of-the-box thinking from the experts here.

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