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Eternal Falling Animation Glitch at Mine Sniff Machine

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I pushed the empty cart up against the lowered arm of the $niff machine, then tried to drag it back so I could drop the gold into it. I've been having problems with in-game lag, so for a while I couldn't get the Monk to drag the cart backwards. Finally I tried to jump over the cart and see if I could squeeze in to push it...when the Monk landed on the space between the machine arm and the cart, he went into permanent fall mode. Just hovered there moving his arms and legs like he was falling. I could face him left or right but couldn't get him free, no other controls responded.

I was mad at first because I still thought I couldn't drag the cart backwards, and thought I'd lose all my progress having to quit without saving and go back. But then I finally got the Knight to move the cart and the Monk was free. :)

(Also - love the game, but even with all the fancy visuals turned off, there's so much lag that the Track Switch puzzle is a B****. I played it two dozen times before I rage quit and came back to try it again later.)

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