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DoubleFine Twitch broadcast preservation (e.g. AF livestream)

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Dear Double Fine,

The Twitch situation

As you may know, Twitch has changed its policies and will no longer store past broadcasts forever. Twitch will only permanently store those broadcasts that have been moved to the Highlights section. Initially Twitch planned to place a two-hour limit on Highlights, but in response to the negative feedback, they've removed the time limit on Highlights.

Basically this means that any broadcast Double Fine has in its Highlights section will be saved, and any broadcast that is not will eventually be deleted. This applies to existing past broadcasts, too, not just any broadcasts made in the future. So Double Fine has three weeks from the August 6th announcement (that is, until August 26th or 27th, I assume) to move any past broadcasts that they want to keep to the Highlights section.

What's currently saved in Highlights and what isn't

The main thing that stands out to me as in danger of disappearing if they aren't moved to Highlights are some of the Amnesia Fortnight livestreams.


* Day 5 and 6's livestreams were previously added to the Highlights section, but the other days were not.

* An example of content which is at risk and would be worth saving is this Day 11 broadcast (although it says Day 10) at time index 1:23:25. This is the Play Day playthrough of the AF games by Tim, Isa, and the rest of the company.

* Arguably all the AF livestreams might warrant saving as they include the full team stand-ups every morning, Greg touring the development floor, the Bad Golf playthrough, etc. Sure, the documentaries include snippets of these, but it's nice to have the whole livestream available somewhere.


* I don't see any of the livestream currently in Highlights, so none of the livestream will be saved unless it's moved there.

Massive Chalice

* This seems pretty well covered in Highlights already and its Teamstreams are also on YouTube. Probably no danger here.

If anyone on the forums knows of anything else important in the past broadcasts of Double Fine's Twitch, or wants to point out specific broadcast links and time indexes to help locate things (like wherever the Bad Golf playthrough is), feel free to mention it below.

A possible quick fix

If you want to preserve all the AF livestream content, the easiest way is probably to just look for the past broadcasts during the AF days that are less than 10 hours in length and save those. Those are the ones that will tend to have the actual AF stream content in them. Since Twitch has dropped the 2-hr time limit on Highlights, you could just save those full broadcasts to Highlights without even sifting through or editing them.

As for the broadcasts that are very long (like 10+ hours), those tend to be just placeholder videos replaying past content overnight when the stream had ended, so I believe those can be ignored.

That would be enough to keep the AF livestream content from disappearing without a huge time investment. Of course, if you want to go above and beyond, you can sift through and edit the broadcasts to pull out only the relevant bits and have an even cleaner Highlights page, but that's bonus. Better to save too much than not enough, so the main thing is just to save AF livestream content (even in unedited form) to Highlights while you still can, if you wish to do so.

Hope this is helpful. Thanks for your time and consideration.

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