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Bug in the default keymapping for xbox-controller on Linux/Steam?

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When playing with the twins I got stuck at the mansion for some time and couldn't figure it out. After some time I consulted the internet, but this was no help, the twins kept resetting to the start of the puzzle when I used their special ability.

After some more searching the internet it turned out that the key for the special ability on my xbox360-controller was mapped to the kill functionality too. But this happened only for the twins, I didn't have any problems with another character. At least I didn't notice and the twins where on my second or third playthrough.

After remapping the keys everything was fine. I think the default mapping could be improved so that this bug doesn't happen anymore.

I played the Linux-version from Steam. I searched the forums and found some other players with this problem (but on a Mac), but I think it might have been missed because there were several problems in these threads.




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