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Bug in the Zoo? Unable to move forward in game (Monk, Scientist, Time Traveler)

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My time traveler gets eaten by the beast at the zoo, I look around to try and find things - walk monk to an area where the zoo lady starts talking and threatening to shoot, I try picking things up (like the broken machine) using Q and the hot dog machine spits out a hot dog and it's on the ground but I didn't pick it up?

I took the recording device with me to an area below and all 3 of my heroes are now stuck behind the sleeping crystal dragon.... I don't know what to do here. The box fell on to the ground floor on the elevator shaft.... there's nothing I can interact with other than using the monk power to flick a switch to some area underground that I have no access to and haven't explored...

Am I boned? This is my first play through.

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