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Thoughts on the World Map design.

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Way way back in one of the first few Team Streams Brad Mentioned a few times how he was trying to have a unique feel for the impending corruption devouring the land around world map. & I think his points were also overlapping with in-game fog of war, to a degree. More to the point, that as far as the areas surrounding the world map were concerned, that he didn't want the player to have a defined edge to where the Cadence corruption was forming from, he was trying to achieve something different. Now the details are a bit blurry in my head, but that's what I seem to remember were Brads goal in regards to that.

& I'm curious to hear if Brads still of the same mind regarding this with his earlier thoughts. Was the design direction close to what he had envisioned, or have thoughts changed?

Why am I asking this? I'll probably have the whole community against me here, but I'm just not that (visually) into the feel of the corruption surrounding the world map. From a design point I "personally" question it. I'm asking myself if they got it right?

I can't seem to feel the impending doom that this oily smokey slick is trying to convey, because I can't see the scope of the land around it. I'm really murdering my explanation here, but, how do i describe... There's a lack of familiarity, In my mind, that helps me connect with the land as a living breathing ecosystem. No grass, no trees, there's nothing pulling me in.

Wondering if others have similar views or actually find the feel fitting & perhaps a refreshing change, design wise.


I have my gripes. Though I'm not thinking any less of the game because of it. Just wondering if it fits well into design of the game overall.

I know design changes, & please don't think that this is just a "What looks Better" post, but these earlier design concepts really did help sell me on the game, Visually as "concepts" they looked appealing in my eyes as places I wanted to visit, spend some time in & craft a story with.



& also another design sketch that came up recently. Let me know what you guys think.


Brads a great guy, & I really dig him as a designer, I really respect you man! Hope I don't come off as some kind of ungrateful jerk. I sometimes just have passionate opinions that's all : D

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