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The Legend of the Massive MASSIVE Chalice!

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Oh my gosh guys. What if. The Massive Chalice Isn't actually "The" Massive Chalice. & that there's another more massive-er Chalice out there, somewhere in the world. Like it's so big, you wouldn't notice it up close. Only from a vast Distance away. & that Chalice is actually dormant, covered in moss, earth & trees & is currently in a long slumber. & that the current talking Chalice that we know & love, what it's doing is charging up its power over the games 300 period, so it has enough energy to Zap the Massive, MASSIVE Chalice, awake.

Like it's a Massive Chalice Relic from when Massive Chalices roamed the Massive World. (I've only ever made it about 90 years in, so I don't know what happens at the end) But then at the end of the game when the slumbering Chalice finally awakes, it rises from the earth & reshapes the land like some pot smoking Deity.

Then the Citizens of the land FREAK OUT, cos there's this giant fking crazy Chalice roaming the land, fking going to town on the landscape. So everyone's trying to get answers from the, not so Massive Chalice, but it's like, having a total meltdown of its own because of what it's unleashed. After 300 years of preparation & planing to awaken "Its" God back to life, It's decided to lay down the law on the landscape instead of cleansing the land of the Cadence. So now Everyone's fked.

Then against all odds, you as the Immortal Player confront the Chalice, & speak to it though Chals-speak at which point the Massive fking Chalice notices your cries & with all your Might, Knowledge & Wisdom, makes it see its miss-guided, whatever the hell it thought it was doing, bloody destruction to the land. & That lesser Massive Chalice was suppose to bring it back from slumber to cleanse the land of the Cadence, not roam the land ripping it a new one because it didn't like being woken up. At which point the Massive MASSIVE Chalice realizes its mistake & vows to set things straight & cleanse the land of the Cadence.

So now the Really Massive Chalice sets off across the mountains where it soon reaches the Sea, It then proceeds to dunk its Chalice in the Ocean & scoop up Millions of metric tuns of Ocean Water & slowly lumbers back to the Kingdom. At which point, to the Horror of yourself & every single citizen of the Kingdom, watches in absolute terror as the MASSIVE Fking Chalice unleashes an endless torrent of Sea water across the land, drowning everyone in its path, annihilating the Cadence once & for all & salting the lands for life.

Nothing will grow again, the Kingdom becomes a barren wasteland where no dare venture. ........The MASSIVE fking Chalice, it's out there, somewhere, roaming the lands, looking for Cadence to extinguish. It doesn't know, In its mind, there are still Cadence to wash away, lands to cleanse. & the only thing that can stop him is., Yup, you guessed it. The Original Massive Chalice.

BAM! I just blew your Mind!.....

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