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Hey you guys! There's a new patch that's going live tonight for the Beta! Sit tight while it gets uploaded and propagated through Steam! :D!

This patch focuses on making the Mac/Linux builds a lot more stable, getting a bunch of new Random Events into the game, adding in new music from our composers, and getting some new AI fixes in to adjust the pace of the game.

Thanks so much for the support. We hope you had a good week! We'll see you on our next Teamstream early next week! :D!


New MUSIC! - Hooked up a bunch of new alt tracks for tactical combat. Each region now has its own flavor of music!

FINAL BATTLE MUSIC, SON - This is the most badass track ever from Trifon and White! The music triggers at the start of the battle and then every time a new wave warps in.


AI Losing Aggression - When the AI has lost most of its members they begin rushing the heroes even when still in the Fog of War. This should lessen the feel of hunting for the final few enemies as they now come to you for a showdown!

Wrinkler Aggression - Wrinklers are much more aggressive throughout the game, but especially in the final battle. They now value hiding less and attacking more!

Slippery Seeds - Seeds now have a trait - “Slippery” - which grants them +15 Evasion vs. Ranged attacks.

Alchemist: The Acid Solution - Alchemist Flasks now apply Acid to their targets.

Caberjack: Kill Rage - The Caberjack can only get up to 2 Action Points when killing multiple enemies with the same attack.

Hunter: Shoot n Scoot is now a proper skill - Shoot n Scoot now exists as a proper (normally grayed-out) skill on your bar. Once you get a hit it will light up and be useable for the rest of the turn. You can tab away from this Hunter and come back to him or her and use the ability later.

Hunter: Flarrow Blindness Debuff - Flarrow explosions now reduce the affected units’ sight range to 1. This can be useful for sneaking Hunters away!

NOTE: There are more balance changes coming! Specifically numbers-style fixes for damage, HP, and the like. Please hang with us! :D!


Spoilers in white text below!

Ancestor Resurrection Effect - Improved the effect when an ancestor is brought back.

Ancestor Resurrection Selection Logic - Changed the logic for Ancestor Resurrection. We now select the HIGHEST XP hero of the generation above the hero that just died. This should give you the heroes that you fought with instead of those super lazy heroes that retired to a Keep when they were 15! :D!

Alchemist Refill at Chalice - Alchemists have a new ability in the Final Battle called “Refill Flasks at Chalice.” This skill allows the Alchemists to refill their Flasks up to their maximum by running to one of the 4 Chalice points. This should keep Alchemists highly relevant in the Final Battle!

Pillar Removal - Removed the visuals for the pillars that enemies were walking through.


NEW Random Events! Added a fresh batch of Random Events! :D!

The Watcher

Field Trip

The Rally

The Mark

Let’s Get Some Air

Cadence Child

The Wanderer

The Commoner’s Queen


END TURN Button - The END TURN button now ends the current hero’s turn, not your ENTIRE turn. Finally! :D!

Controls Popup - After the first line of dialog in the first tactical battle we now pop up the controls screen. This is placeholder until we get a better Tactical Tutorial going!

Pre-Final Battle Animatic - Updated this placeholder animatic with some sweet new art!

Buff Turn Duration - Fixed some bugs with buffs that were causing them to expire too early if they were delivered to a character on its own turn. For example, when one of your heroes is stunned on YOUR turn, it should remain stunned THROUGH your next turn. This specifically makes Lapse death explosions a lot more punishing! Watch out! :D!

Deployment Screen REPLACE button - Moved this button into a much more natural position! (it’s the little things, man!)

Random Event UI - More Random Events now support heroes in the Random Event UI list to the right.


CRASHES! - Fixed a few technical crashes that people were experiencing. Thanks for all of the bug reports and save games! It makes a huge difference! :D!

"Yogurt" Corruption Fix - Fixed a bug when Returning to Main Menu that would cause the corruption on the map and the corruption from the Rupture enemy to turn milky white!

Window Resizing Bugs! - Fixed several bugs across Windows, Mac, and Linux to better support window resizing! This should make the game much more stable and playable on Mac and Linux specifically.

Fog - Fixed some broken fog values that were causing The Nation to look really washed out.

Improved Cadence Border - The orange Cadence Border around The Nation is now HOT ORANGE! It really pops and blends in nicely with the Corruption effect on each region. Also fixed a bug that was misusing the engine’s Time of Day feature that would change how the border looked seemingly randomly! Video Games are crazy.

Cadence Turn Screen Effect - The Cadence Turn Effect around the border of the screen now support super wide resolutions.

Missing Heroes - Missing heroes (usually caused by Random Events) don’t show up on lists any more.

Random Event: Balloon Man - Ensure that the character has a relic before we go to the Capital View.

Random Event: Cadence Cult - End the event properly if a new hero cannot be found.

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AI Losing Aggression


Video Games are crazy.


But seriously, this is a great update! I would keep having perfect battles but then be forced to run around the map to find the remaining enemies. I'd usually lose most of my heroes this way too (the best was stumbling upon 3 Ruptures just chilling together in a far corner). :D

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Damn, but I wish I had time to play now!, Ah well, we'll see what december brings.

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I am very happy with this update.

0.83 was unplayable on my MacBook Air with HD3000 but now it plays well!

Although there are major graphical bugs (ie: terrain and cadence appear like crystal, no texture, everything super reflective :D), I am very happy how the beta works on my Mac.

I'm 200 years in. I had a blast, and I was pleased with the alchemists.

Even though I like the new music, the old one always gave me euphoria, I felt the rhythm. Now everything feels too mellow.

I hope you keep the old tracks too.

Thank you for making a beta for OS X!

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RE Flarrow debuff - I am playing on a Mac and have the latest version of the game - first time through and have nothing but hunters due to unfortunate gene choices earlier. They continue to have spotted status after blinding all monsters in the area. Can't sneak away and am being creamed by Advanced Bulwarks and Twitchers. Enjoyable game up to now, but this looks like the computer is cheating. :-/

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