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Adam K

Launch Trailer and The Lineage of Heroes

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Just recently, Double Fine released the launch trailer for MC using some in-game footage and brief VO. While this is a fairly effective way to get the point of the game across, it fails to invoke the spirit of the title. MC is supposed to be Game of Thrones brought into the realm of video games. Here is my suggestion for a more powerful and evocative Launch Trailer.

For ambiance, put on "Centuries" by Fall Out Boy for the soundtrack. The style would be 2D animation ala Banner Saga


Music rises and we drop down through thick canopy to a dark and gloomy forest. A group of young boys and girls flee for their lives, pursued by unseen beasts. The children stop at the edge of a cliff and turn to face their attackers. A cluster of SEEDS emerge, and they look absolutely terrifying. One of the children, a YOUNG BOY with blonde hair and bright blue eyes, grabs a STICK from the ground and prepares to fight.

ON THE FACES of the frightened children, we see splinters and sprays of blood in the foreground as they watch the carnage. CUT BACK to the blonde-haired boy, who has single-handedly slain the SEEDS. He holds the heavy stick in his hand with reverence.



The boy is raised on the shoulders of the TOWNSFOLK and brought to the Chalice. A beam of golden light shines on him. A banner rises in the background: the boy's bloodline begins.


We see Keeps rising from the ground, along with small towns and other structures. The banner of the blonde-haired boy rises over a keep. We zoom in to...


The young boy is now a regent, and has grown into a formidable young man. He plays with an infant while his wife watches on. Suddenly, they turn and look out the window. The horns are blowing. The Cadence return!


The blonde man armors up, strapping on a chest plate that bears his banner. He picks up a heavy club, which has been made with pieces of the original STICK.


The blond man fights off SEEDS and LAPSES. He is nearly killed by a RUPTURE, but a nearby Hunter takes it out. The Hunter is a fierce woman with black hair. Her banner is green and gold and hangs off her like a cape.


The field has changed somewhat. More bodies litter the ground, and the heroes seem older. The blonde man now has a beard and several scars. He fights alongside the Hunter, but seems overwhelmed. Just as a horde of Seeds close in, two young men dive into the battle wielding Cabers. They have the same blonde hair and blue eyes as their father, and wear his banner on their backs.


At this point, the Bridge of the song is playing "We've been here forever..."

An aged hero lay on his deathbed, surrounded by family. Children and grandchildren attend their patriarch's final moments. He closes his blue eyes with a smile. An ATTENDANT picks ups a gorgeously adorned CABER--the Relic passed down for generations--and carries it from the room.


The attendant walks down the hallway carrying the Caber past the portraits of fallen regents. Starting with the original hero, we follow his lineage down and down the hall until we must have seen 20 or more. As the Bridge ends into the Chorus, we SLAM STOP on a final hero. This young man possesses his ancestors eyes and blonde hair, but is tall and broad and strong. He is the product of generations of heroes, and will carry the banner to the final fight. He takes the Caber and charges toward the screen.


The blonde hero wails on the Cadence, shattering a BULWARK and sending it flying into a group of SEEDS. Another hero, a descendent of the Hunter, leaps into the air and looses a shower of arrows into a group of RUPTURES, causing them to explode in a massive cloud of gas and juice.

The blonde hero turns just as a TWITCHER delivers a powerful haymaker. The hero flies though a wall, rolling to a stop atop a hill. He is helped to his feet by other heroes, and they look out on the approaching CADENCE ARMY with fear. A sea of monsters approach, ready to wipe humanity from the realm.

The heroes all share a look, raise their weapons and charge.

TITLE CARD: Massive Chalice.

And done.

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