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[BUG] Empty handed character shows up in the Cave gift shop with an already taken item

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I don't remember this happening before, but I don't remember how I've played it previously. I took the Twins, the Scientist, and the Monk through the game and after talking to the Gift Shop guy, I was going back through the employee area to steal the Gold, Monster Trophy, and the dog. I had the Twins get the Gold, give it to the Gift Shop, return the Rat Poison, then climb up the ladder, leaving the Scientist and the Monk near the area where you get the dynamite the first time through. I then did the same actions with the Monk and the Monster Trophy. Once I exited the "Happy Ending" picture for the Monk, the Scientist immediately appeared in the Gift Shop (rather than starting where I left her in the Employee area near the dynamite) with the Gold in hand, despite it already been stolen.

Not a real breaking bug, but a weird one I hadn't encountered before. I don't remember if previous times I played if I collected all of the items first then gave them away or if I collected them one at a time like this time and just happened upon a random glitch.

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