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List of Easter Eggs? also, i finally played through the prototype!

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I got the prototypes way back when the Double Fine Bundle came out on Humble Bundle, which was certainly quite some time ago. I didn't have a PC at that point (I'm primarily a Mac guy) but now I do, and after re-watching the Documentary, I thought it was high time I played through the games myself.

Let me start by saying this: I absolutely love Black Lake.

I desperately want this game to be picked up and turned into a full release. The mechanics within the prototype are phenomenal, and it's incredibly intuitive to see where the game could go in a fully fleshed out form (and not just because I watched the documentary). It's astonishing what this team accomplished in 2 weeks, and the fact that it looks and feels less like a prototype, and more like a demo of a larger game is an achievement in it's own right. Even the smallest details, like the controls for playing the accordion (with mouse and keybaord, at least) implies that there is are more songs to learn later in the game, because there are still unused combinations (in fact, Z isn't used at all, if i remember correctly).

On to the Easter Egg List!

I discovered I have a Hat,

I found 7 Blue Ferns,

2 of my Father's Bear Traps,

1 of my Father's old Campfires,

My old Stacking Dolls (Dad lost those years ago!)

and finally, the excellent Bearded Andy Wood White Birch.

Did I miss anything?

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