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MASSIVE CHALICE Update #61 - Launch Date Announcement!

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Greetings all! Have greatly enjoyed following along the progress of this game through the team streams and of course playing the builds as they come out. Congrats on launch!

I know the launch stream only just happened and I wasn't able to view it live (Australian time zone) but the last stream or two seem to only be on Twitch while the rest are also on Youtube. Downloading multi part Twitch source streams off Australian internet is shall we say, less than enjoyable, but Youtube I can grab them at a lower res and enjoy seeing the video game process in action.

It's probably just because you have all been insanely busy actually delivering an awesome game, but if the last stream or two could be uploaded on to the DF Youtube channel it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again for the game and for so openly sharing the process with the backers!

Hey bendabnsie, it normally takes a few days until its put on Youtube just double check in a few days :)

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