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Tim, would you ever do a brief writing collab with Ron Gilbert on Thimbleweed Park?

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I read the post on dialog trees on the Thimbleweed Park blog, and that all of the excess dialog would likely take too much time,

Would you ever consider a mini fundraiser via something like IndieGoGo to write dialog puzzles and dialog trees? To raise enough $$ for the Thimbleweed park project to contract you out for a month as a writer?

It would be so cool to have a collaboration with you & Ron on something like that, and very fitting given the nostalgic throwback that the game is!! I know how Ron likes to work alone, etc. but given how it's a total throwback game and it would be more of a short-term contract to just take their vision and fill it in with funny writing... how awesome would that be??

I would definitely contribute!


I am referring to this post:


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