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Tips for a casual player?

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Hi folks! I've owned Iron Brigade since before the name-change, but I haven't played it for a while. I have some free time this weekend, so I'm going to give it another try.

I took a quick look through this topic, and it looks like y'all are playing at a far higher level than I can achieve. Please feel free to share your knowledge with me! :-) What's your favorite build, any underperforming weaponry, where are the 'traps for young players' as they say in Australia?

Thanks for reading, and if you'd like to play with me, let me know so that I can go buy a chat headset.

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Picking the right Legs for the job is also pretty important.

If you're having difficulty getting back and forth across the battlefield quickly, the bipedal legs can be great; just have to keep in mind they charge in a mostly straight line and the delays at the beginning and end of your run makes it inefficient to dash short distances. Also if you get the special Hot Pants variant, you get to run explosively through groups of enemies and take out the very small ones.

The tripod legs, apart from looking awesomely bizarre, essentially let you BE a turret. Any time you can afford to stay in one spot on the map, you can become an incredible source of damage output, since reloading ceases to be an issue. If you can find a spot on the map with a high vantage point, from which you have line-of-sight to most of the playing field, Sniper Rifles or Artillery in particular become AMAZING. (and you might want to bring an ICP turret, if you don't have friends to collect scrap for you, sicne you won't have the luxury of going and getting it yourself)

The Quad legs are great if you have slow-reloading weapons or just... otherwise don't need either of the other two leg types. Get damage-dealing smashers to AoE-kill swarms of very weak enemies or just get in that last tiny bit of damage without wasting bullets, or use the Stunning type to buy yourself time WHILE big guns are reloading.

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Missions: this is where you practice/goof around. (duh)

Survival: This is where you play 'hardball' and rely on strategy.

The #1 chassis for this game is the Honeychurch. It is not possible to solo survival solo without an orange emplacement (for the time being unless we get a new SELKER CHASSIS WITH 2 GREEN AND 2 BLUE....THIS BETTER BE IN THE GODD#@N UPDATE/DLC IF IT EVER HAPPENS!)

You can solo with a Hamer, but its really annoying.

1.Dampeners are 10x more important than collection.

2. Sniper turrets are your best friend in this game (Piercing Sniper Turrets are the bees knees!)

3. If you have the Martian Bear DLC, Fiesta Shotguns are the best weapons in the game as far as dps goes (fire rate/damage/reload time...)

4. When solo always use either hot pants or speedy biped legs. Hot pants are slower, but the 'explosive sprint' can push blitzers away from you (this will also set off explosive barrels on the map, so be aware of your surroundings)

Dampeners - DO NOT let the dampeners 'rings' that indicate their range overlap. The second one cancels out and just becomes a waste of space.

To give you an idea of specific range...on the bridge on dampener, 3 shredders/mines (same space taken up), and one dampener.

The 3 shredders' space is pretty much as close as you can get two dampeners.

Collection: Similar deal.....waste of space to have fields overlap, but it is funny seeing scrap go from one collection to another to another to another....I used to put them a certain way that would make scrap go all the way down 'long path' (orange base) on Settlement.

It is estimated that tube health goes up 10% every 10 waves....DF Staff (especially Brad...who is this game's father which makes him awesome,btw) feel free to clarify this if you're bored. Thus, after a while you just tickle the tubes and the emplacements do the work, except for the jakobs for the most part.

Getting stuck on the map...always sux. You can get stuck on hospital and settlement running off of cliffs/ramps and landing behind an emplacement. I think you can get stuck in hospital running around into long path's conduit at just the right angle. Swamp's bridge conduit across from the bridge (surrounded by trees)..walking on the edge of the map next to the conduit's ramp and falling get stuck.

Settlement, the ramp by green, you can get stuck in the crack by the shelf and behind blue's conduit down a path on the left behind it...

Also, on swamp, bigger chassis will get stuck behind the tree next to the wall where you can run up the edge to get up to the trees under the aerial spawn.

I'm on the 360 ...gamertag: JediJedahPirate if this gets read and you want an easy 100 on survival.

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