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Hades Js

hope this post help about iron brigade

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Hey double fine, i have been playing Iron brigade since the name was trenched and i really like the game, however the update you made got many nerfing weps system power for-example snipers aren't really snipers and artillery cannons aren't that powerful anymore ''plus'' the trimmer weapon machine-gun 1= useless 2=just good while they are powerful and they are the edge upgraded version so.. why don't you update and fix these problems , and speaking of problems ill number how many problems iron brigade got for now hope you really take care

1-barrel generator exploding does game crash and lag you to the menu.

2- barrel cannon bounces a lot which it doesn't do any effect as an artillery cannon , hop you take care of it and make it trigger explode better atleast .

3-since the game was called trench there was real old problem still happening now which is the gold skin does game crash lag you out to the menu send a game error message.

4- jacobs non of any turret or camo turret detects jacob to kill specially the land-mines they don't work perfectly on them.

5-bases dies quickly in survival maps which is if u boost a bit of the health please.

6-laser turret not so deadly but cost a lot of scraps which means hope you buff it .

7-is question about the REGIMENT CHALLENGES i really wish for more tho would be awesome.

8-is the fortify+/quick-reload leg rare because it won't drop from volcano or in any pacific maps


if you may provide us for a fix updates and many people been asking me since I'm experienced player of the game, (is there any more DLC up coming) I'm like i have no idea , so wonder if u still can provide us a DLC packs because last 3 years you update it the game but hop you really update it because still lots of player likes it and play it .

if you can provide us an update can you provide a new legs and new chassis and new names and new systems for them and for a heavy weaponry system like for-example smash+/fortify that could smash the enemy and camp for fortify or anything new that double fine could provide us please.?

please double fine take care of this thread and thanks

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You got some solid points, bud....but we've all come to terms with these things...and they've been in the game for years. I personally like the lasers being gimpy since that makes it crazy difficult to rely on them. Made it to 99 on 'swamp with lasers' in a honeychurch so far....i know one guy who pulled it off. Theres lots of glitches in the game that help and hurt the player....the archie turret's high damage nerfed by short range and sketchy accuracy (but a field of them can kill even the vault dropper) the Amplifier simply standing around when you put a turret in certain spots on the maps...its great to get the easy scrap, but not challenging...i do wish DF would re-code the Amp and make it scary as hell. Even worse, when big willy knocks the amp out the map on swamp and the game NEVER ends. I've had blitzers and bertha spawn outside the map on settlement....been stuck and had to back out in a variety of places on different maps. The one thing I really, really want fixed is the leaderboards. Settlement's global 1st is some guy that beat it 75 times, whilst myself and dozens of other ppl have beaten settlement more times than that or have gotten perfect base health...I get 95% on a good run, just getting tapped by aerials a few times the whole game going solo....meanwhile I'm 176th place. I beat it twice this week so far trying to go from 6th to something higher on the weekly, and I'm still 6th despite my buddy who got first is still in first and only did one run. I was in the match w/ him but accidentally turned off my 360 w/ my knuckle in the 90' yea....anywho....the game isn't w/out its faults, but its gotta be my favorite thing to play when I wanna drive myself crazy or just solo settlement b/c i'm bored. Lately its been Iron Brigade, Transformers: Devastation, or Netflix for me...

*Edit...the gold skin lag glitch...thats why i always use the lvl 1 olive skin...never have issues with it.

Also, the jakobs....turrets aren't meant to shoot them...they exist to make the game harder.

Thats the point of having jakobs....because jakobs hate you. They suck, but the game would be waaaaay too easy without them.

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