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[Mod] Test001

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I made a test you can try out:


(inspired by "Magic Lamp Old Value Reader")

All it does is modify the Lamp to show the old value.

local oldValue = DFHack.walkPath(self.entity.state, activePath)

speakHalcyonLine("Ah, so Ida has found a location for you... " .. activePath .. " (old value " .. oldValue .. " )")

I accomplished this by unluac'ing HalcyonLampItem.lua adding one line and modifying a second line, compiling and including the modified file in the mod folder and then putting the following lines in Patch.lua

loading.prompt("Loading Alternate: HalcyonLampItem.luac")

local file1 = modfiles.load("HalcyonLampItem.luac")

assets.overwrite("Data/Content/Game/Global/Items/HalcyonLampItem.lua", file1)

loading.prompt("Loading Complete")

and that's it.

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