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Yesterday (Dec. 27th 2015) I got kicked to title screen SOLO

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So my buddy n' me were doing settlement...he gets kicked in the 70's, but it says he 'quit'. All was swell (aside from the loneliness)....mines n' snipers n' shredders everywhere. 6 minutes till the weekly clock resets and 6 waves to go. On wave 94 I get kicked to title screen while solo. In all the years I've played, this has never happened whey I get a prompt saying that "you've lost connection to xbox live....bla bla bla". The game pauses, I un-pause and keep going and some unseen wizard reconnects me to live while I continue playing as my win gets registered when I'm done normally (actual wizard may or may not exist). Last night, though....title screen! I was shocked and annoyed. Has going backwards compatible screwed up the network so bad that I can't finish a solo after the match was started in co-op!?!?! Its infuriating that there is no infrastructure to this game's network (not blaming DF....I know better). I thought I should say something about this since I'm wondering if this glitch happened to anyone else. No one will be able to do anything but missions (sometimes not even when there's poor connection between players) if this becomes an ongoing thing and my favorite game will die...unless I play offline solo forever.

I've recently become infatuated with 'Defiance' and grinding my character has kept me occupied, but I always come back to Iron Brigade at some point (if anything, on sunday....last weekend I felt bored and backed out in the 20's and got on Defiance). A few months ago, some live buddies I used to play Street Fighter with all the time got Iron Brigade...they've since upgraded to Xbox'd be a shame if this whole 'backwards compatible' thing would never even work due to network issues. I hope some calls happen and someone puts a proverbial foot into somewhere metaphorical so issues get resolved.

Title screen....solo...really!?!?!.....WTF!....etc......

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