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Day of the Devs 2016

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Hello! I'm looking forward to GDC this year... and a taste of Day of the Devs!

Sorry if this has been covered in a previous post. I did a search for Day of the Devs 2016, and strangely, nothing comes up. Just wondering if the GDC event is for one day only (if so, which day?), or all week? Thanks, and feel free to link me to a previous thread or announcement.

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According to the GDC event schedule, the Day of the Devs Lounge will be held every day of the convention (from Monday March 14 to Friday March 18) from 10AM to 5PM.

Double Fine did make an announcement about it, but your post is the first made on the forums.

Once a year, Double Fine Productions and iam8bit Twister together into a big curly mess, and host an event for both the makers and players of games. We call this soiree Day of the Devs! It’s a celebration of the fun and craft of video games, featuring a carefully curated selection of playable titles which possess the most coveted qualities of all: they are curious, charming, have really good hair, and look great naked.

This year at GDC we’re bringing a taste of Day of the Devs to Moscone North. You’ll find us, and 12 super sexy games curated especially for you, near the bottom of those terrifyingly long escalators. We’ve lined up some spectacular fun for everyone, with the likes of:

Below by Capy Games

David OReilly Game 2 by David OReilly

Headlander from Double Fine Productions

Day of the Tentacle Remastered by Double Fine Productions


Return of the Obra Dinn by Lucas Pope

Dreams by Media Molecule

Bound from Plastic

Hob by Runic Games

ARENA GODS by Supertype

Manifold Garden by William Chyr

Severed by DrinkBox Studios

Line Wobbler by Robin Baumgarten

Rez Infinite by Monstars + Resonair

Come canoodle with them for as long as you like, see you at GDC!

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Thank you for this information and your speedy response... :) I'm excited to hear it will be every day!

(And I'm also glad I didn't ask a question that's already been posted... its so embarrassing when that happens!)

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