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Joe Mudd

The Screenshots Thread!

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When you went back to the mansion, did you take any screenshots? Share them here!

I took some of the most striking and iconic images from the game and slightly adjusted them for use as 1920x1080 desktop wallpaper. Help yourself!

Triple Fine (Double Fine logo)


This Must Be That Woodstock Place


...Take on the WORLD!!!


Day of the Tentacle (Original title screen)


Human Show Winner




Tentacle Bowling


Everything's Back to Normal (Or is it?)


As for observations, I've already pointed out that Max's cameo was retained, but I was THEN delighted to find out that they still mention his name...


...AND Steve Purcell still gets his credit!


Something that always baffled me in the original game was that the suggestion box was opened and then closed again offscreen, but if you skipped the cutscene at the right moment it would remain open, even though it shouldn't still be open and you were never supposed to see it open in the first place. This oddity has been preserved for the Remastered edition:


As for Maniac Mansion, I couldn't help but notice how cowardly and submissive Purple Tentacle was in the olden days! I'm sure the Edison family would never have thought him capable of taking over the world back in 1987...


And here's a moment I'd forgotten all about, the hilariously callous reaction Razor has when she sees that one of her best friends has been murdered in cold blood:


So...yeah! Post all your best screengrabs here in this thread!

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Sorry little guy, but this is happening...


Didn't think I'd find a new way to do this after all these years, but there you go...


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My screenshots folder.

Did anyone manage to get a shot of whatever zoom pasts past Hoagie when he mails the letter? I tried, but only got its smoketrail.

I think this one is easily missable:



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