Brutal legend Total War (brutal legend mods)

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I am very much sure that it would be a great idea to run by Wemod.

These guys make the best mods and am waiting for them to release a trainer for Brutal Legend too.

Hope they will work on one soon.

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Posted (edited)

If they haven't made a single mod since the game has come out, I doubt they would start now. Although, the modding tools have remained under the radar for quite a long time, I still doubt they will because it's an old game not many people care about at this point. I mean, I've done a lot of Multiplayer videos over the last 2 years, and made a few mods, but I doubt even as many as 10 people actually used any of them (not counting friends)

Also, there already is a trainer for Brutal Legend, I use it for quicker testing.

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