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New forums: coming soon!

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Hello everyone!

Now I’m back from E3 I can focus on moving us over to our new forums!

Work on the migration tool is nearly complete, which means we should be able to move over within the next few weeks.

I don’t have solid plans with dates to share yet, but i thought I’d lay out some of the things we do know in a sort of FAQ.

Please read it, and if you have more questions let me know below!

Why are we moving to new forums?

This forum software we are on is really, really old and lacks a lot of features, both basic and advanced. By moving to new software we will be able to better integrate the modern web into our community, with much easier embedding of content, and easier ways to stay abreast of the lastest posts, etc. We’ll also gain a community calendar, and a chat room, along with some other features that may come in useful down the line.

What is the new software we will be using?

IP Board and it’s suite of enhancements.


How will this play out? Will we lose data?

With help from Invision power, we have constructed a data migration tool that will bring over your profile data, and all of the posts on this board.

There will be a small gap between the time we send over the final data dump, and the time the new boards can open.

We will probably close the forums down whilst things are in transition to help with confusion and lost data.

*hopefully* everything will make it over with you, including your post counts, avatars, etc, although you’ll likely be asked to make a new password.

There may be a few casualties - for instance i’m not yet sure if we will be able to reinstate people’s backer badges, but we will certainly be trying.

Other things might get screwed up too, like member ranks. Hopefully in a way we can fix up though!

We will archive these boards so we can refer to them, and turn them back on if something has gone totally wrong wink

When will this all be happening?

TBC - best guess: early July

The Future

This is our chance to really think about this community and make sure its the place we all want to hang out.

We’ll be able to adjust everything, and so for instance we’ll be taking a look at the rules, and building a safe spaces policy - a set of guidelines that asks people to be mindful and respectful of others.

We’d also like to take on a few new moderators. We have a few names in mind but we’re open to suggestions!

Once the forums are up, we will continue tweaking things, so we’ll be eager to get feedback from everyone!

Any feature requests, woes or worries, please feel free to post below or get in touch. smile

That goes for anything you think needs an overhaul that we might not be thinking about!

discussion for this announcement can be found here:



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