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Tomorrow: The Double Fine Action Show, with Tim Schafer

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For a while now we've wanted to create some kind of podcast-like livestream with a focus on the things we're up to here at Double Fine, but we're always too busy to think it through.

We had so much stuff going on at E3 this year that we thought it was a perfect time to try something out, and go through all of our live demos and things in one place! We still haven't had time to think it through, but we're going to jump into the deep end and figure it out as we go.

So if you have the time, please join us at noon PST tomorrow, Thursday 23rd, (3pm Eastern, 8pm UK, 9pm EU) for a special E3 roundup stream hosted by Tim, and what will hopefully be the first of many similar shows down the line :)


On this show:

- E3 roundup, art show fun times

- Psychonauts in the Rhombus of ruin with Chad and Ray

- Headlander with Lee

- Psychonauts 2 mini update with Zak

- DFP games: Gnog, Gang Beasts, Everything

- more!

if you miss it, we'll be archiving it afterwards, but you won't get to say "I WAS THERE!" when in 10 years time we look back at the first episode of a show that is so clearly destined to be ground breaking and award winning...

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