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Why are there so many voices we do not hear in the multiplayer game?

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So I used an interesting tool named Double Fine Explorer and played around in the audio files of the game. There I found a file, USEnglish_Streaming.fsb, which contains lots of voices, if not all of them, that are heard in the game, but I don't think if all of them actually are.

I have played lots of multiplayer, and it was interesting to find some character voices (specially battle nuns, Doviculus, Grave Diggers, etc) saying things I had never heard from them. Now, are these some new features dedicated to the PC version of the game (since I have played a lot more on PS3 than PC), or am I just totally wrong about everything?

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Im assuming its still in
Now I've also just got the tools and I'm unsure how many dialouges are actually in the game(i.e have parameters) and those that are being unused

I plan on trying to compile a list of non used dialouge versus used(or at least a theoretical level, I dont expect a 100% rate here) and then try to put those cut lines back into the game(Which means making parameters)

This is a useful exercise to be able to implement dialouge(For new characters/factions) while proving that new code can be added(huge plus)

Also I'm reviewing textures and seeing whats what

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