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Warning: widespread gaming forum hacks

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17 minutes ago, JacobVR said:

Most hackers I know are very quiet about it and as their friend I would never report it. People might have an issue with that but I find it totally beneath me to report hacking. Hacking has actually brought us many evolution's in computer technology. I respect the skill and inventiveness it takes to hack at high levels. I'm glad online games are being hacked, because it is actually exposing the games weakness, and that is a good thing. Obviously many will disagree with me and I understand that.

It depends on what you mean by hacking. Lumping it all into just the broad activity of hacking treats all hacking as equal and effectively treats all hackers as having similar motivations, values, ethics, morals, etc.

There is "good" hacking. There are also punks who excuse their own garbage behavior with self-righteous excuses. It's just a question of where that line falls.

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