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I crafted a Double Fine Adventure! Steam badge

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The ten Steam cards of Double Fine Adventure! all feature original art of the crew at Double Fine by Michael Firman, with their job descriptions and a list of games that they worked on. You can see that art here. The wiki is not fully updated though, so if you want to know the descriptions you can only see in inventories:

Tim Schafer: The Tim of Legend.
Lee Petty: Crafter of beautifully elaborate worlds and awkward workplace interactions.
Anna Kipnis: Code sorceress and keeper of the official Double Fine lore.
Oliver Franzke: International diplomatic representative, codes sometimes
Ray Crook: Furrower of brows, puppet enthusiast
Greg Rice: Studio cheerleader and devourer of clouds.
Levi Ryken: Resident Miyazaki expert and taster of beer (to check for poison)
Malena Annable: Occasional head-in-a-box and full time wrangler of word letters and voice noises
Camden Stoddard: Audio wizard and good natured wellspring of positivity.
Nathan "Bagel" Stapely: Paint machine bestowed with life and love of surfing.

The level 1 badge I crafted was Adventure Baby, with artwork of the two-headed baby I hadn't seen before. The next level is Speed Cube. I don't know what that is.

I got a an Adventure Mountain wallpaper and a Redbot icon, which should be here, really @Spaff

Adventure Mountain: The sun rises to cast glorious light upon a new day ripe for adventure.
Redbot Redbot.png: Oliver's spirit animal and friend to programmers everywhere.

I hope it's OK for me to upload pictures here.

dfa badge craft.png

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Glad to see someone digging in to these.  The adventure baby is from Bagel's original sketch for the poster.  Speed Cube is one of Tim's Rubik's cubes.  I think there are a few others too.  Don't remember who wrote those descriptions.

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