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[Linux][BUG] Keyboard input is not working

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Due to gamepad issues, I am currently running MC with `-cfg GamepadEnabled=false`. The hotkeys are shown to be gamepad buttons, and the keyboard doesn't work (WASD doesn't work).
Some mouse functionality doesn't work either. (Clicking to move a character in game doesn't work, but clicking on the UI does.)

I'm running Fedora 24.

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I haven't played MC since it was released, but I don't remember any such issues from then. Are you playing with a controller connected and something like joy2key since you're adding that launch option? If so, could you try to disconnect your controller, remove that option and see if that lets you play normally with a mouse?

I think one of the other mods, @Cheeseness, is also on Fedora. Maybe he has any useful input that could help in pinning down the issue until DF staff gets a chance to look at it.

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I'm away at the moment, but I'll make note to check back on this thread when I return. If you haven't heard from me in a week, make some noise :)

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