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I wasn't sure where to put this, but I wanted to share with you guys.

So, recently I toured DF beautiful most inspirational office (EVER). I was sharing my story with my boyfriend about how magical and amazing the experience was. Seriously. Sparkles every-freaking-where. Then came time to talk about good ol' Scott C. I showed him my Scott C. comic art book and explained that his doodles blanketed the entire office, basically. I was in awe and loved every doodle. Particularly the ones where he drew a few crew members naked....sounds weird right? Well I tell you it was the most beautiful thing I've ever gazed upon. The pencil strokes glittered and shined and the craftsmanship parted the heavens above---and then I laughed historically.

This man...is seriously the greatest, so when I was trying to explain to my boyfriend just how great the little naked people were, he looked to me baffled. Then I said "Ok, it's just easier if I show you" then....

this happened....


he even has little socks!
So this is why I put this here....cause it's fan art...of....art???? Scott C. inspired naked boyfriend haha
I hope this makes someone out there laugh just as much as I did

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