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I don't know if this has been said before, but I was just watching the making of video again, and in the last minute or so a shot from the intro is played.
In the shot we see the camera move through all the polecats, but it's really clear that it's just the Ben model repeated every time.
I think it becomes apparent due to the upscaling, but it definitely needs to be redone in the Remastered version.


EDIT: Just saw that someone already noticed this. Anyway, don't shoot me, I've got screenshots!


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On 12/14/2016 at 0:00 PM, TimeGentleman said:

I hope the team gets time to do is differentiate the bikers on that one long tracking shot where the camera weaves through them from behind, before doing a 180 and framing Ben for the title shot. It seems like a wasted opportunity to keep them as clones as in the original.


Haha, yeah. We just ran out of time for getting that done for the trailer. It will be addressed before we ship.

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It's looking badass. I do miss the blacks and starker contrast on the bike, in the shots compared in the first post, though, especially when those blacks exist in the background. My overwhelming response to the trailer is excitement for the release, though!

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