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What is Knights and Bikes?

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Knights and Bikes (black).png

From the blended-brains of Rex Crowle (Tearaway & LittleBigPlanet) and Moo Yu (LittleBigPlanet,Ratchet & Clank) comes KNIGHTS AND BIKES, a hand-painted action-adventure set on a fictional British island in the late 1980s.

Players will take on the roles of Nessa & Demelza to explore an island with their bikes. They’ll uncover treasure, mystery and trouble. This leads to them ultimately attempting to steer the ancient island away from modern ruin.

They’ll be pedaling into danger, facing threat head-on with frisbees, water-balloons, puddle-stomping, and whatever other kid-like schemes that players can improvise. 

Each islander that Nessa & Demelza rescue passes on new abilities, allowing them to do more and travel further. So as they face-up to the adult world, its their ingenuity, friendship, and wide-eyed-wonder that guides the adventure.

KNIGHTS AND BIKES is designed for one or two players (playing locally or online) and was funded successfully via Kickstarter in March 2016.



Who is making it?

Foamsword Games


When is it coming out?



What platforms is it on?

PS4 and PC confirmed, so far.




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On 4/24/2017 at 9:02 AM, jetpacksandrollerskates said:

Is there still no idea of a release date for this? - Expected 2018? - Steam says Spring 2017 - coming 2017?!

Some time next year is the expected release date :)

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