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HEADLANDER: Now on Vinyl, Pre order today!

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It is the future. It is a world of automation and pleasure amongst the stars. It is a soundtrack AHEAD of its time.


Iam8bit presents a Double Fine and Adult Swim production of the mind-blowing score to the epic, retro sci-fi adventure HEADLANDER. 

Composer David Earl has created an analog-synth fueled masterpiece, inspired by the electronic music of Vangelis, Jarre, Tangerine Dream, and more. From the ambient chimes of the Pleasure Port to the haunting collapse of the Computer Core, this expansive score will transport you to the future.

While your EAR HOLES will be elated, your OCULAR BALLS will be indelibly seared by the album art created by writer & director Lee Petty. Featuring a full gatefold spread image, custom sleeve art and psychedelic spattered platters, it is a sight you will not soon forget.

Pre order here:








Preview of the songs:






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Dang... this (plus the Psychonauts and Broken Age records) is almost enough to push me into buying a record player.... but considering I bought a PSVR just for Rhombus of Ruin, I should probably exercise some self control.  Though I might buy this just because it's gorgeous (and keep my fingers crossed for a digital or CD Headlander soundtrack in the future)!


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