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Tim Schafer hosting GDC awards and on Wil Wheton's tabletop games webseries

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I really like Wil Wheaton as a person and wish him all the success. I think I like him best when he is just playing and joking in a casual/calm way, but he does seem to find cameras and attention intoxicating in a way that makes him loud, hyperactive, and not always self-aware enough to know when to quit or take it down a notch. I always had mixed feelings toward him even when he was on Acq Inc. He was a great player, and I loved his comraderie at the table, and yes I even enjoyed his enthusiasm. But sometimes you kinda just want to grab him by the shoulders and say

WIL. Wil. Listent to me. Wil. Ssssshhhhhhh. Let's just sssh for a second. Let's be calm. Caaaaaalm.

But I have friends who say they extremely love him for the exact same reason, so who is right?

Wil is a personality I can only watch in doses.

I am 100% gonna watch Tim play games with Wil, though, are you kidding me? Yeah, I am.

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