Broken Age game engine public release possible?

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I believe I read somewhere that Tim intended to release the point-and-click adventure game engine used in Broken Age to the public. After watching this GDC presentation, I am blown away by the engine compared to what is available in the market (AGS, Visionaire, Wintermute, Unity Adventure Creator, etc.). In particular the animation system and automated lip sync offer so much potential.


I am to start on a new project, and I am just wondering about whether Broken Age's game development environment might receive a public release - so that anyone can build and narrate their own stories with this rather fantastic looking engine. 

My question to Tim: will this still happen? Or will it remain indefinitely hidden behind Double Fine's closed doors only?


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Getting internal tools ready for external use is not a small task. I don't believe I've ever heard anyone at DF indicate they would release their tools to the public. For a start it cost them a lot of money to develop, but even if that wasn't the case, it would take a long time to get them into a place where they were ready for public use, and they'd also be obliged to field questions and support the software. It would be great if they did release them, but I can't see it happening. No harm in asking, though!

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