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Official wiki?

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Is there an official community wiki for this game? If so, where?


There is a wiki at GamePedia that starts by saying it is the official wiki at the top, but then says "not associated with the game publisher", not updated in years (still claims to be early access), and has an undeleted junk page about a 2011 dog show that has been there for years.


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I'm starting to add stuff to the wiki, and I have some questions.


Specifically, how much information should be revealed on the wiki? And, how do you mark a spoiler on this wiki?


Right now, for example, the puzzles that I've seen described have their solutions given, in clear. At the least, it should be in a spoiler; should the solutions be changed to just hints or ideas? There's more than one solution to any puzzle (and you saw some of my unusual ideas)

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Ok, I'd like feedback please.




Apparently there is a meta-editor in charge of the whole gamepedia wiki site, and that person feels that a wiki is just one big spoiler, and no special spoiler markup is needed / nothing should be hidden from someone that comes by to get some information about a game.


... No other wiki works that way, that I know of; I know of plenty that have some sort of spoiler system. (AllTheTropes, for example).


Basically, I want the wiki to be something that a new would-be player could visit, to find out about the game, without having anything ruined. Other than "grey on grey text", or something like that, I'm not sure what to do with that official stance.


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