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So I did go along to Rezzed on Friday to see what was happening there, but I don't have a whole lot to report. Wondering if anyone else went along.

The worst of it was that the previous week I'd had this terrible flu and this week I'm much better but my body is still in the process of resetting itself, so I could only really manage a few hours, and I was losing my voice from having talked too much the previous day. 

So I went to check out the Double Fine area and Gang Beasts was looking hot and drawing a lot of attention as usual, and all the other stuff looked cool too but Greg Rice was nowhere to be seen. I dropped him a tweet because I noticed Full Throttle had crashed, but I thought maybe he just wasn't there that day.

Buuuut it turns out that he was there, he was just in a talk at the time I'd gone that way, and he tweeted me and I just missed him after I left because I was still feeling sorta tired and gross. Soooo I didn't even get to meet Greg. Boo!

The Full Throttle demo they were showing was still labeled as a Pre-Alpha, so I wonder if there has been anything done on it since then that would be noticeably different. It looked like the very early screenshots that we saw. 

Not much else to say! Did anyone else go?

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