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I'm pretty tired, so today's update comes in bullet point form:

  • Creatures can now attack the player
  • Player can throw objects at creatures to stun them
  • We also added a timer to warn you when the radiation storm is going to arrive
  • We made some decisions about the features we'll be putting on creatures to represent traits
  • Spent time working out how big our island should be
  • Ate some sour gummy worms
  • Started modeling creatures and some vegetation for the environment
  • New concepts of the player with a helmet that matches the crashed ship
  • Did some planning to figure out all the gameplay work required for our current design of the prototype

Our current running version of the game is all placeholder art, but I'll include a screenshot just to show what the prototype actually looks like after 3 days.

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I know 2 weeks is not much time, so one really needs to move fast, but I'm always amazed at how quickly things take shape during Amnesia Fortnights.

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