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Amnesia Adventure Update Log

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Day Thirty

Lots of goodness today! A new build has been released with everything made over the last thirty days!:) 

New release:

As @Cheeseness has done with Pongball, this release is affectionately known as "2017-05-11_4482b09", which is how we be tagging development builds (that's the date followed by the short git revision, which means that if we ever need to reproduce a bug or understand why something has changed, we can jump back to the version of the code that the build was created from really easily.)

On the main repo:

  • Jenni added a 70s retro song to the cop memory (104b58b)
  • Jenni adapted the game to remove items from hub upon memory completion and added screens with information about it being a work-in-progress and a github link (9c19cb1)

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