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Scoring mechanics...

My thoughts are that a fun way to do the scoring would be to have a running score which increases as in pinball, when the ball hits the elements on the table which are worth points. This score could then be 'claimed' by a player if they get the ball into the opponents goal. The running score could then reset after a goal. Just getting a goal could give out bonus points, so it isn't always about accumulating points. I think there should be ways to receive bonus points straight the players score for hitting things around the table ( for example activating the speed boost pad etc)

This opens up different gameplay strategies like deciding to try and get a lot of goals or try to control the ball and rack up the points. I can see the tension will increase as the running score also increases since the points could be claimed by either player.

A rough look on how it might show on screen. Maybe keep track of actual goals too. 



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For anybody who might have missed them, here's what's in the design notes page on the wiki


There are several possible scoring models that we could consider pursuing. To start with, the airhockey style "first to three" makes sense to explore, but initial work should be implemented in a way that allows alternative scoring modes to be used.

  • Air hockey style scoring (first to X, where X is match configurable)
  • Tennis style scoring (first to score 2 goals above opponent with a minimum of 4 goals)?
  • Soccer style scoring (max goals at end of time limit with tiebreakers)

We may want consider abstracting goals to a point value and allow obstacles and other mechanics to play a role in scoring.

  • Should hitting obstacles be worth points?
  • Should hitting obstacles increase the point value of the eventual goal (increasing tension over prolonged volleys, maybe cleared by tilt?)?
  • Should tilt reduce the tilting player/team's score?


I personally feel that having goals be the only way to actually score points is going to be an important way of pulling game focus back onto getting the ball moving between opponents and away from just whacking it into bumpers and obstacles and stuff.

Rather than have a goal be worth bonus points, I think the best way to handle that is to give the ball a starting value (so it's always worth 100 points or something from the beginning).

Bumpers should probably increase the ball's value by static amounts (with varying values for different bumpers?). Multipliers tend to increase things at dramatic rates that are more difficult to tune. The "points needed to win a match" threshold should be low enough that it's possible to win without it taking a million years if you don't hit any bumpers, and that if you do hit a few dozen bumpers, that probably shouldn't give an individual ball a high enough score to win the match on its own.

I dig your layout!

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