Hi guys.  As some of you have probably noticed, the steam keys for the AF bundle are currently borked. This is due to them being configured in a nonstandard way, and we're working with Valve to resolve the issue, hopefully we'll have some news on this soon. Please do not use your steam code if you have yet to do so!  You may still play the games using the DRM free versions in the mean time, so at least there's that!  OK - i'll update you as soon as we have some news! Sorry about this!!   This is now resolved! Steam keys will work as normal and anyone who used them previously should see the games appear in their steam Libraries! This also means that Kiln is finally playable online! If you want more friends to join the fun, you can point them to this steam page where they can buy the AF prototype bundle http://store.steampowered.com/app/631780