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Psychonauts 2 Speculation / Detective work / spoilers maybe?

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Both in Camp Whispering Rock and in the latest making-of video, we see the names of probably the founders of the Psychonauts: Lucrecia Mux, Otto Mentallis, Helmut Fullbear, Bob Zanotto, Cassie O'Pia (nice!), Compton Boole and a Cruller that looks a lot like Ford himself, but could be an ancestor.



tumblr_m7svc4ZMO81qmp5too3_400.png tumblr_m7svc4ZMO81qmp5too4_400.png

In 2:52 of the most recent video, you see the Double Fine team have a folder/ discussion topic called "Brain_Helmut", so it's a likely guess that that's one of the brain levels we'll be entering. Are these founders still alive? Or will we be entering a brain that's stored in the Hall of Brains mentioned during the campaign? And/Or is this where necromancy comes into play?


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