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Hi everyone!

My name is Giacomo, Broken Age and Psychonauts 2 backer and long time fan of Double Fine. I live in Italy and heard that the man himself, the legend, the almighty and glorious Tim Schafer, is going to be present at the Milan Games Week... in two days time! I bought tickets just to be able to see him and to bask in his presence (I'll bring sun lotion and a deck chair).

Unfortunately the organization for the event is not, well.. shall we say, optimal? I can't find any info or event's calendar, no way to know where to find him or at what time.

Do you guys think you can help me? The thing is I'm not from Milan and traveling there takes a while from where I live, if I had an idea of what to expect I could plan my trip a little better.

Thanks in advance for any help, or heck.. just for reading this!

Have a great day!

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Tim will be the star of a "fireside chat" (plus autograph session) at 10:30-12:00 in SALA GEMINI on September the 29th.

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Thanks @Diduz76 ! Sorry for the late reply.

The talk was great! Tim has a really interesting way of approaching ideas and problems and it was a pleasure to listen to what he had to say, not to mention that he seems like a great guy who's sense of humor made the thing a real treat to attend to.

I managed to get a picture with him and got my old (and super scratched) copy of Grim Fandango signed!  Wish I had something intelligent to say to him but I only managed to mumble incoherently a few words in English... I guess I was too excited :S

Thanks again for the help to everyone :)

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