The Thread of scrapped Brutal Legend-releated things

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Didn't want to flood the Mod thread so much so im gonna dump all the ''Scrapped Content'' i've found for this game so far.

For one, there used to be Unlockable XBox avatar rewards - 546cf94d5bfcd3580d3906b421ed68b7.png



Then there's the old version of the map - m1SDpHN.jpg


Old images of eddie and ophelia, plowing through the drowning doom units in the Western continent, once again i believe it was a scrapped feature of them going into the western continent etc, also you can notice eddie doesnt have his guitar in ANY of these pictures








Then you've got the old ''loading screen'' 3e8c97d89bb08fd53ec7869fca3a5290.png


The Scrapped Faction ''Motorfreaks''/the road demons. razmig-mavlian-groupc-shot.jpg?146218101



then there was a shark apparently 20742ad751a37e5f293c4ab9a4268b5d.jpg


i think i've got load of other htings somewhere, will update post if i find more


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First potential in-game proof of the Motorfreaks/Road Demon faction. Enable debug flying and start a new game (currently playing Brutal difficulty, not sure if that matters or not). After the mission "To Bladehenge!", head to the northern area of the second continent in the Jungle region where the arrow on the third image is. Under a tree is the Squealer with no Fletus. This might be one of the areas where you race him in a secondary mission (don't recall off the top of my head if that's the right spot or not), so it might be related to the mission and not the unfinished faction, but it is worthy to note that the Squealer does not appear anywhere else that I've seen thus far, nor does anything from the Hunter aside from the camp (which is part of the normal scenery).22365331_10207748473629214_334867339281622449688_10207748473589213_822776318764622405428_10207748473669215_8091500052827

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ooo, i saw those hud textures in the game files but not within the game itself. How did you get those images?

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