The Cave and iOS 11 claim

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Dear Sirs,

I tried to send you an email ten days ago but got no answer yet.

I bought The Cave for iOS last summer on the AppStore, where it is said to be "compatible with iOS 6.1 or later", but it is obviously not compatible with iOS 11 as written on your website.

Please help me to get my money back or to get the Mac OS version if the game for free (I really would like to play the game !).

Thank you very much for your prompt answer.

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Hi there!

Last summer we had as little idea that there would be a cut off point for the game as you did.

This new ios version is a special one that insists all apps run in 64 bit. The Cave is a 32 bit application, and so will no longer work once you upgrade.
This sadly is out of our hands, as we don't own the publishing rights to the game. Even if we did though, updating these games is costly and time consuming to us, and so we have to choose wisely.

I think it helps to think of the new version of iOS is like a new console hardware generation, it's like moving from PS3 to PS4. When that happens we typically don't move all our old games to the new hardware. We're trying our best to bring as many over as we can, but some of them are harder than others, or just don't make sense to devote time and money to. Please see here:

Where did you send us an email by the way? I couldn't see anything in our support queue! 

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