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I'm having some issues with my mouse and so far none of the forums I've looked at has had a solution that worked for me. I re-downloaded Psychonauts last night for the first time in a while, but when I loaded up the game it didn't detect my mouse at all. The camera moves with the number pad, as I've seen in a lot of people's issues, but the menu isn't navigable without the mouse. I tried verifying the integrity of the files on steam but nothing really happened, and I've also reinstalled it. Has anyone found a fix for this that I haven't?

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If you have a controller plugged in or any other extraneous USB devices, try unplugging those to see if that makes any difference.

You can also manually change your controls by opening your profile in the installation folder. Open the .cfg file with your name on it.

Also try setting the game to a windowed state.


If you still have issues, please list of the other solutions you have already tried.

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