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Hi everyone,

This is the first time on the forum for me and I've made some Grim Fandango sheet music that I'd like to share with you.

It could be interesting for the musicians out here and otherwise it will be a nice nostalgia trip to listen to. I think :)

The file contains a collection of songs that you can hear in the first year of Grim Fandango. It’s constructed as a medley, but the pieces can also be played individually.

I hope you'll like it! 

[ Download Sheet Music PDF ]


Writing this score down was not an easy task to do, so I apologize beforehand if I used wrong notes, chords or key signatures. I tried to make it sound, play and look as good as possible :)

On my youtube channel you can also find collections of 'Escape from Monkey Island', if you're interested. ;)

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