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Will DF ever bring back the Psychonauts and THB yo-yos? I lost mine in tragic circumstance and would like to have them again. At least I was able to get a new set of Psychonauts figures. I also lost my t-shirts and signed copies of games and CDs but, I guess, some things can't ever be recovered. Such as my Elf Life coffee cup and Sluggy Freelance Game Called On Account of Naked Chick t-shirt. On that cheerful note... Thanks.

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I thought we had more Yo-yos but we don't! 

We should make some more, maybe for our 20th anniversary in a few years time ;)

We've been putting some of our older merch on sale recently, its worth checking the shop every now and again. We're typically adding a new sale item every thursday, and keeping things on sale until they are gone!

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