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[BUG] Alligator

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Besides all the other bugs (Angelitos that won't stop crying, glitchy crane in year 3 and glitchy bone shredder in year 4 that basically halt the game and require to reload the last save) the alligator one in the sewers in Year 4 is the most annoying one.
After the cutscene were the alligator's tail gets trapped, Manny vanishes from the place he was in and is "teleported" back into the truck where there's NO WAY to get him out.
It seems it's a very common glitch since I got unstuck by following a couple guides made by other players found around the internet. If it wasn't for those contribution on other message boards this glitch would have been game breaking.
Year 3 and Year 4 are ridiculously glitched, I hope it gets fixed.

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